Ukraine resumes emergency blackouts in case of setback after Russian attacks



Ukraine said on Monday it was being forced to impose regular emergency blackouts in areas across the country after a setback in its efforts to repair electrical infrastructure affected by Russia’s missile strikes.

Several power plants have had to make emergency shutdowns and electricity demand has increased amid the freezing winter in the capital and elsewhere, national utility Ukrenergo said in a statement.

“Once the causes of the emergency shutdowns are eliminated, the units will start operating again, which will reduce the electricity system deficit and reduce the number of restrictions for consumers,” he said.

DTEK, Ukraine’s largest private electricity producer, said it would cut electricity supplies by 60% to its customers in Kiev, where temperatures hover around zero degrees Celsius.

Of the remaining supply, only 42% remained for ordinary consumers after accounting for critical infrastructure needs, he said.

“We are doing everything possible to supply all customers with power for 2-3 hours twice a day,” DTEK’s Kiev branch wrote on Facebook.

The national system’s energy capacity deficit fell to 27%, Ukrenergo said.

Moscow says its attacks on vital infrastructure are militarily legitimate and that Kiev can end the misery of its people if it gives in to Russian demands. Ukraine says attacks intended to cause civilian suffering are a war crime.

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