Zelenskiy says Europe must avoid division, defends low Russian oil price



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday urged Europeans to stand united against Russia’s war and severely limit the price of Russian oil.

“There is no division, there is no schism among Europeans and we have to preserve that. This is our number one mission this year,” Zelenskiy said in a speech via live video link at a conference in Lithuania.

“Europe is helping itself. It’s not helping Ukraine deal with Russia, it’s helping Europe deal with Russian aggression,” he added.

Much of Ukraine has been left without heat or electricity after the most devastating Russian air strikes on its power grid yet, and residents of Kiev have been warned to prepare for more attacks and to stock up on water, food and warm clothing.

European Union governments remained divided on Thursday over how much to cap Russian oil prices to reduce Moscow’s ability to pay for war, and Zelenskiy urged EU leaders to set the lowest bid at $30 .

“Price cuts are very important. We have heard of (proposals to cap the barrel at) $60 or $70. These words sound more like a concession (to Russia),” Zelesnkiy said.

“But I am very grateful to our Baltic and Polish colleagues for their very reasonable proposals to fix this field at $30 a barrel. It’s a much better idea,” he added.

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