Macron under investigation for alleged illegal financing



Justice opens an investigation into the 2017 presidential campaign

A French court has opened an investigation into whether Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 presidential campaign, in which he was first elected, was illegally financed through McKinsey advice, French newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ reported on Thursday. ” (24).

The publication explains that three judges have been appointed to lead the investigation into charges of “favoritism” and “illicit financing of the 2017 election campaign” by the National Finance Prosecutor’s Office (PNF).

The investigations concern the links between Emmanuel Macron and McKinsey and multimillion-dollar public procurement.

The French newspaper speaks of suspicions of illicit financing in the presidential campaigns that brought Macron to the Elysée in 2017 and 2022, as well as the awarding of some public contracts.

In a note released by the public prosecutor, Jean-François Bohnert, the PNF does not mention Macron’s name, but informs that at the end of October it had opened two lawsuits on, respectively, “the conditions for the intervention of the consultancies in the French elections campaigns of 2017 and 2022” and “connected suspicions of” favouritism “.

During the 2022 presidential campaign, criticism of Macron multiplied, especially with regard to the contracts signed in the last five years between the state and private consultancies, such as the American McKinsey.

On March 17, the Senate revealed that state hiring for this type of private consulting “more than doubled” between 2018 and 2021, reaching a record high of more than $1 billion in 2021.

McKinsey has been the most requested private consultancy by the French authorities during the pandemic. The senators’ report has raised harsh criticisms on the use of public resources and the opposition has asked for any favoritism towards the US multinational to be investigated.

Macron, for his part, shot down the criticisms in late March and stressed that anyone who suspects manipulation and has evidence should take the case to court.

Today, the Elysée reiterated that justice must investigate “in full independence”.

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