Wine professors from Italy visit a city within SP



The visit will promote the exchange of scientific and academic knowledge

The city of Jundiaí, in the hinterland of São Paulo, will receive a visit from oenology professors from Italy this week to promote an exchange of scientific and academic knowledge.

The educators represent the “Giovanni Batistta Cerleti” (GBC) School of Oenology, from the city of Conegliano, in the Veneto region of northern Italy. It is the first oenological institute in Italy active, since 1897.

The entourage includes the oenologist Luigi Franco, professor of Viticulture and Oenology at the Conegliano school, and Mauro Zardetto, also an educator at the institution, wine technician and founding member of the Conegliano Veneto-Brazil Association.

During the visit, the delegation will visit the cellars and the new Oenological Center of ETEC Benedito Storani. An inaugural lesson is also scheduled for the students of the 1st Group of the Enology and Viticulture course at ETEC, on 27 July, at 7.30pm (local time).

According to the mayor of Jundiaí, Luiz Fernando Machado, “this Oenological Center, which was the result of an articulation between the City Hall and the Paula Souza Center, is a result not only for Jundiaí, but for the entire State of São Paulo, as it allows São Paulo grape and wine producers to make an important leap in product quality”.

“This facility, combined with the potential of our rural tourism, will attract more visitors to Jundiaí and strengthen the economy and job creation,” he added.

The initiative is the result of actions to stimulate agri-food and tourism promoted by the Municipality of Jundiaí.

“The objective of this partnership is to promote the exchange of scientific and academic knowledge between faculty members and students of both institutions, focusing on the actions carried out in Viticulture and Oenology. .

Source: Terra

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