The UN General Council passed a resolution on attacks on holy books



AA / United Nations / Betul Yuruk

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution condemning all attacks on holy books, calling them a violation of international law.

The resolution follows numerous Koran burnings and desecrations in European countries, including a recent police-authorized burning in front of a mosque in Sweden that sparked international outrage.

Muslim leaders and politicians have pointed out that such insults and provocations are not covered by free speech laws.

The General Assembly, which has 193 members, unanimously adopted the resolution drafted by the Kingdom of Morocco.

It strongly condemns “all acts of violence against people because of their religion or belief, as well as all acts of this nature against their religious symbols, holy books, homes, businesses, property, schools, cultural centers or places of worship, as well as all attacks on places of worship, places and shrines, in violation of international law”.

On July 12, the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council also condemned the latest attacks on the Koran, although Western countries voted against the resolution.

The resolution called for the condemnation of attacks on the Koran, calling them “manifestations of religious hatred”.

*Translated from English by Murad Belhaj

Source: AA

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