The e-cigarette explodes during the flight, causing panic among the passengers



The incident will be subject to a formal investigation, the airline said.

The electronic device exploded and caused a small fire.

An e-cigarette, popularly known as a vaporizer, exploded on a flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Amsterdam. According to the newspaper Mirror, passengers heard the sound of a small explosion shortly after takeoff. The situation occurred on Thursday of last week, the 18th, but the video of the moment has just gone viral.

The explosion occurred on an airliner. Easyjet. According to the company’s safety instructions, e-cigarettes can be carried in cabins, but batteries cannot be inside the devices. Also, just like traditional cigarettes, smoking is prohibited inside the aircraft.

easyJet said the incident would be subject to a formal investigation, following the airline’s procedures.

In the video, passengers are heard screaming as they try to put out the fire that arose after the explosion of the electronic device.

Source: Terra

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