Mexico’s president says he doesn’t want to trade with Peru



Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Friday that he does not want his country to have economic or trade relations with Peru “until there is democratic normality” in the Andean country, something that according to the Mexican leader does not exist under the government of Dina Bolarte.

López Obrador’s statements come a day after the Peruvian Congress declared him a “persona non grata” for his criticism of Boluarte and his refusal to hand over leadership of the Pacific Alliance, a regional group also made up of Colombia and Chile.

“Until there is democratic normality in Peru, we don’t want economic or trade relations with them,” López Obrador said in his daily press conference, where he also stated that the bilateral relationship is in “pause” mode.

When asked by a journalist about the handing over of the leadership of the Pacific Alliance to Peru, he reiterated that he will not hand it over to Boluarte, because “he is usurping the presidency”, and is considering handing over the office to Chilean president Gabriel Boric.

“I can deliver it to Chile without any problem; to Petro, Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia, no, because they have also declared him persona non grata,” he explained.

Mexico was supposed to transfer the interim presidency of the group to Peru late last year, but López Obrador refused to do so when the Peruvian Congress ousted President Pedro Castillo.

The Pacific Alliance is an integration mechanism based on the free movement of goods, services and capital that seeks to become a power, targeting Asian markets.

Source: Terra

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