Italy denounces Russian ‘provocations’ in the Mediterranean



The admiral warned of the risk of “accidents” in the region

Admiral Enrico Credendino, chief of staff of the Italian Navy, denounced this Friday (26) a “provocative” attitude of Russia in the Mediterranean Sea.

At an event in Genoa, Credendino said this behavior by Moscow was relatively “normal” in the Baltic Sea, but not in southern Europe.

“The Russians are showing a defiant attitude in the Mediterranean that we have never seen before,” the admiral said.

According to Credendino, this “aggressive” and “hostile” behavior risks causing “accidents” in the region. “You never know where an incident between two naval vessels from opposing countries might end up,” he said.

Italy has even detected up to 18 Russian ships in the Mediterranean. “This doesn’t pose a direct threat to our territory, but it definitely increases tension,” she added.


Source: Terra

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