During the fighting for Bakhmut, a volunteer sniper from Latvia was injured in the explosion of a shell



In eastern Ukraine, during the fighting for Bakhmut, as a result of a shell explosion, a volunteer sniper from Latvia named “Red Fox” was slightly injured, the association “SOS palīdzība Ukrainai” (“SOS Aid to Ukraine”), which is engaged in the collection and delivery of aid for the Ukrainian army.

Referring to the sniper’s own statements, the association informs that he was traveling with a friend from the Czech Republic to the region of the city of Bakhmut, for which there are now fierce battles, while they were n ‘were not hit by a 120-mm projectile. A man from the Czech Republic died at the scene of the explosion.

“I have just arrived from the front. I lost a very good friend from the Czech Republic. We were driving along the front and were hit by a 120 millimeter shell,” Red Fox said in a statement.

A Latvian sniper was slightly injured – “four holes in the left arm and two in the ribs”. He was taken to hospital. According to the “Red Fox”, in a few days he intends to return to the front.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the mentioned Latvian fighter has been repeatedly interviewed by Ukrainian and Latvian media. This week, voluntarily, in a conversation with Latvian radio, he said that he had destroyed 21 enemy soldiers. In Ukraine, he is one of the most titled Latvian soldiers.

Earlier in Latvia, the “Red Fox” was in Jaunsardze and also served in military structures. After the start of the war in Ukraine, he left to fight as a volunteer. He has been at the front since February 25, reports Latvian radio.

As noted, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Latvian volunteer fighters, as well as combat medic Sarmite Cirule, joined the Ukrainian army. Last year, Cirule suffered a concussion and concussion from an explosion. In mid-January, Latvian television reported that the woman had left hospital and returned to the military unit.

Source: delfi

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