The storm has been raging in south-eastern Africa for a month and a half: more than 500 dead



Tropical Storm Freddy has killed at least 522 people in Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique in southeast Africa. These are the official data of the governments of these countries, reported the agency dpa.

Most of the victims are in Malawi, the smallest of the three countries and one of the poorest in the world. The authorities of this country report 438 dead. About 345,000 more people were affected by the heavy rains, floods and landslides that “Freddie” brought with him. Tens of thousands of people have been made homeless. A state of emergency has been declared in the south of the country.

In Mozambique, according to President Felipe Nyusi, at least 67 people died from the storm. The government of Madagascar estimates the minimum number of victims at 17 people.

Formed over the Indian Ocean, Tropical Storm Freddie hit Madagascar on February 21. Then it crossed the strait to the mainland, then “returned” to the island – again falling on Mozambique and Malawi on March 11. Thus, it has been raging for more than a month and, according to the World Meteorological Organization, it is likely to become the longest storm on record. It was declared a cyclone on February 6.

The cyclone season in South Africa begins in January and ends in March-April.

Source: delfi

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