The former Italy striker ‘offers’ Neymar his ankle in exchange: ‘I really enjoy watching him play’



Del Piero, one of the biggest names at the Azzurri in the 1990s and 2000s, hopes the number 10 can return to action again in the group stage

the injury of Neymar Against the Serbiain the first round of World Cup 2022, still resonates behind the scenes of football. The number 10’s absence from the Brazilian squad has not been announced, with the highest probability of a return to the knockout stages, but some big names would do “crazy things” for his return soon. It is the case of Alessandro Del Pierochampion in 2006 with the Italywho suggested giving him his own ankle.

Logically he won’t do it to the letter, but he reiterated how much he likes seeing the Brazilian champion on the pitch. About the payback time, but I guess it won’t be long. Alongside this, the former Azzurri striker spoke of the physical differences between his era and the current times and how much the athletes are at risk of injury, a factor that caused the exclusion of several from the Qatar edition.

“I wish I could give him my ankle because I want to see him play. I really like seeing him play,” said Del Piero ESPN. “I’m sorry he’s in trouble right now, but I have a feeling he’ll be back soon. We can trade [nossos tornozelos] At the World Cup”.

For the Italian, Neymar is one of those who suffer the most from fouls on the pitch, but believes that today it is “no more dangerous” than the football of his time, given the safety and evolution of the modern game. “He is one of the most affected because he is a great player,” he said. “To be honest, this era is much better than 10, 15 years ago. In terms of rules, cameras, a lot of things have changed. 20 years ago it was a nightmare, I’m from that era and I say I don’t complain.”

Again according to Del Piero, many of the injuries that took the players out of the Qatar Cup were caused by the more “contested” game of the new talents. “Genetically, generations get tougher, stronger and faster,” he said.

In this edition all the world champions have had at least one absence. Of the main ones, Benzema, Kanté and Pogba have not even made their debuts for France; Marco Reus and Timo Werner, two of the best Germans, were also cut. And together with Neymar in the absences of the first phase, Lukaku, from Belgium, who is looking for his first title, has not yet played.

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