Opinion: Hide the gold? Qatar surprises in the good reception of women at the World Cup



The country, known for having a culture of oppression, has generated fear among the female public, but the experience of tourists has been calm in the early days

Covering a World Cup has always been a dream. It was precisely this huge desire that made me overcome the fear of traveling alone to Qatar.

I thought: “I wear the clothes they want, the important thing is to follow the World Cup closelyIt’s a lifelong dream, I can’t let this opportunity pass.”

I was very careful when assembling the suitcase. I didn’t bring tank tops or shorts. Pants from the shin down or long skirts only. Just in case, I put tissues in my luggage.

However, I felt comfortable not using it, even on the subway, where I only entered with my hair covered.

My comfort so far is the same as that of most women in Doha. I spoke with Argentines, Brazilians, Spaniards, French, among others. All are unanimous: it is very different from what we expected.

In Argentina’s opening match, for example, the fans even felt comfortable wearing shorts and shorts. “He’s very calm, they respect a lot,” an Argentine woman told me at the entrance to the Lusail stadium.

During a failed attempt to enter one of the stadiums’ prayer rooms, I spoke to a Qatari woman and wondered if the way I dressed as a Westerner was an offense to her. She was currently wearing three-quarter length pants and a sleeveless blouse. What caught my attention was her concern to make me feel comfortable and tell her that she has friends of other nationalities.

Finally, he even took my hand to say hello. It was the first physical contact I’ve had with a non-Brazilian in Qatar in six days.

My impression is that everyone is very happy with the organization of the World Cup in the country, especially the women.

And, despite this first positive image, breaking the stereotype, the fear remains that we are all falling into the “fairy tale of the vicar”, after all the repression of LGBTQIA+ demonstrations is there to demonstrate that there is so much smoke behind that curtain.

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