Alisson’s mustache at the World Cup is an action for prostate cancer awareness; comprehend



The goalkeeper arrives with a refreshed look for the Brazilians’ opening match against Serbia

Before the start of Brazil’s opening match in the world Cup, a player’s appearance attracted attention during the warm-up. the goalkeeper alisson he arrived at the Estádio Lusail with a moustache, something unheard of in his career Brazilian team🇧🇷 The style, however, is part of an advertising campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Created by Gillette, a brand of razor blades, and the Gray Brasil agency, the “Bigodes Pela Saúde do Homem” campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of health through the figure of the mustache, a recognized symbol of Blue November. the world.

The visual change seeks to reinforce this positive current, encouraging all fans and players around the world to join the mustache in November and show that they are taking action, taking care of their health.

A member of Liverpool and the Brazilian national team, Alisson wanted to participate in all awareness activities, starting with the mustache. He believes it is essential to share the guidelines on the importance of taking action for health. “Today, science and medicine have evolved a lot and we have access to various information,” he said.

“We know how critical it is for us men to go to the doctor and get all those checkups done more often. I know my influence on sports fans in general and I made a point of conveying that message as seriously as it should be debated,” he stressed. the goalkeeper. Early diagnosis of prostate cancer in the early stages has a higher treatment rate.

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