A fan day in Qatar costs up to R$5,000 on average; see pricing details



There are cheaper options, as long as fans choose a less glamorous lodging option.

SPECIAL ENvoyS IN DOHA – Compared to the long distances of World Cup 2014in Brazil it is 2018in Russia, the tournament of Qatar it will be compact and easy. But keeping up with the games won’t be cheap. Since 1930, when the first world Cup of History was played in just three stadiums – Centenário, Pocitos and Parque Central – all in Montevideo, there has never been a World Cup as compact as the one in Qatar. Its 64 matches will be played in eight arenas are just 68km. Or about 53 minutes if traffic is light.

Unlike the Russian Cup, four years ago, watching the Brazilian team’s five matches required travel of around 5,000 km, in 18 days: from Moscow to Rostov, then back to Moscow, via St. Petersburg, and to Samara and for Kazan, where Belgium eliminated Brazil, in the quarter-finals 2 to 1, whoever is or will go to Qatar will not need to change rooms for the entire competition.

During the 2022 World Cup, anyone going to Qatar to cheer on Brazil will already have a metro station at the terminus of the Red Line, one of three available in Doha, right outside Hamad Airport. There are also car app alternatives, such as Uber and its local competitor, Careem, for those who have them installed on their mobile phone. And you don’t even need to sweat your head with a SIM card: right in the arrivals sector of the two Doha airports are representatives of the two largest local mobile operators – Ooredoo and Vodafone, who offer cards, free of charge. A ride from Hamad Airport to the Souk Wakif area in the city center takes about 15 minutes. The ride costs 26 Qatari rials (equivalent to 37 BRL).

At least in the first phase, Brazil will be close to the limits of the Qatari capital. He will play at Lusail Stadium, which is located in a nearby planned city, at the other end of the red line – 37 minutes from the airport and 22km from Mushreib, in the city centre, where the city’s main station is located. There the Red, Yellow and Green lines intersect, leading to other points in the capital.

Even with all that teaspoon of logistics, it’s good to know it won’t be cheap to follow the 2022 Cup fixtures. European Football Supporters Club calculations estimate that this will be the most expensive World Cup of all time. According to the entity’s calculations, watching three group matches could cost 2,770 euros (about R$15,360), between 2.5 and 3 times what it cost to do the same during the 2018 Cup of Russia in 2018.

On the Booking.com booking site, one night in a double room in a cabin, in the “Fan Village”, near the Free Port station, at the airport (with direct access to Hamad Airport and 974 Stadium, cost BRL 2,329, per night In the luxurious Al Messilla resort, an overnight stay on the same date costs BRL 10,353.

There are tickets, of course. They are around 46% more expensive than those sold at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, according to Frenchman Ronan Evain, director of the Football Supporters Club of Europe.

Despite the increased supply of flights to Doha, airline tickets won’t be cheap. This week, a flight from Sao Paulo to Doha cost around R$14,000. About a third more than in May.

The most convenient option for fans who have come to Qatar is cabins made of shipping containers scattered across six parts of the country. According to the accommodation website qa.22a night, without breakfast, for one or two people, costs US$ 207 (about R$ 1100).

In the temporary complexes, with 2,400 cabins, there is a restaurant that serves a buffet breakfast, priced at 55 rials per person (R$78).

A fan staying in a shipping container would spend an average of US$300, including accommodation and food, and an additional R$1,000 for a category 4 ticket. Those staying in a slightly better hotel can spend up to R$5,000 just for a matchday of the World Cup.

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