The frightened journalist does not want to talk about the confusion of the PE flag with the LGBT+ symbol in Qatar



Acting on Cup cover, Pernambuco-born Victor Pereira was harassed and had his item taken by Qatari security guards

SPECIAL ENvoy IN DOHA – The journalist from Pernambuco Victor Pereirawhich is in Qatar work on the coverage of his first world Cup and the production of content for seven vehicles in the northeastern region of Brazil, is afraid of the situation in the host country.

OR Stage approached the journalist, but he replied that he did not want to give interviews on the fact that the Qatari authorities had removed the flag of the State of Pernambuco thinking what he was referring to LGBT+ community🇧🇷

Although the FIFA president has stated that all people are welcome in Qatar, going so far as to say that he is gay, an immigrant and a Qatari, Gianni Infantino is well aware of the country’s rules regarding minorities and the LGBT+ community, as well as the country’s regulations on some other matters, such as the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Through a video posted on his Instagram account, the Brazilian professional, who lives in Lisbon, said he had to take a stand and, with that, put an end to the story, as his coverage had to continue. He doesn’t want this incident to interfere with his work in Qatar.

“I was in front of the Lusail Stadium making an entrance for Rádio Cidade. One of the journalists I share an apartment with here in Doha, Maciel, brought me a Pernambuco flag from Brazil and we were taking pictures with the volunteers who are also one of the girls, Duda Vasconcelos, went to take a picture of herself and a man in Arab clothes came, took his flag and started trampling on it.” The case had repercussions on social media.

Victor, who filmed the scene, reports that, after showing that it was a Brazilian state flag and not an LGBT+ symbol, the authority realized he was recording the incident and abruptly removed the device from him. from his hand and hid it.

The journalist flashed his FIFA journalist credentials, explained that he was authorized to film in front of the stadium, but according to him the man was quite excited and said none of that mattered. He didn’t identify himself. He said that Victor has to delete the video or the phone would be thrown on the floor and broken.

There were moments of tension that increased when the journalist tried to take the cell phone from the Qatari’s hand, while saying that it would have been better if the video was deleted. During the discussion, the man himself deleted the video and another authority reiterated that the video should also be deleted from the trash. Only then was the cell phone returned to its owner.

“I’m quite frustrated, scared and worried because we are in a country of authoritarian behavior. I went to FIFA to report the case, but I still haven’t received any response, statement or apology. I want an apology not only for myself, but for all the people of Pernambuco who had their state flag violated, as well as for the LGBT+ community. At the opening, they put on a fireworks display saying everyone would be welcome, but that’s not what I see in practice.” .

When contacted, TV Nova Nordeste, for which the journalist works, also said it would not comment on the matter.

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