The bodybuilder died aged 33 after breaking his neck with a barbell. Bali police consider premeditated murder case



The Bali bodybuilder was a popular blogger.  Photo: social networks
The Bali bodybuilder was a popular blogger. Photo: social networks

Blogger and bodybuilder Justin Vicki broke his neck lifting a 210kg barbell.

In Bali, Indonesia, a terrible tragedy happened – 33-year-old bodybuilder and fitness trainer Justin Vicky died. The athlete suffered a serious spinal fracture while squatting with a 210-kilogram barbell on his shoulders. The athlete could not be saved, and Bali police are still investigating the case and are considering versions of premeditated murder and criminal negligence.

KP Sport tells why young bodybuilder Justin Vicki died.

He broke his neck to death dropping a barbell on it

Justin Vicki was not a popular fitness blogger, but he still had an impressive 36,000 subscriber base. In front of them, Justin showed photos of his sculpted figure and gave a master class on doing exercises in the gym. One of my favorites is the barbell squat.

On July 15 of this year, Vika had the last approach to her life. The 33-year-old athlete reached 210 kg on the bar, very uncertainly removed it from the racks, sat down and could not get up. After several moments of combat with the projectile in a full squat, Vicki fell on the fifth point and the bar moved forward – through the neck. The cervical spine could not withstand such a load – a fracture, hospitalization in a local hospital, an emergency operation and death at the age of 34.

Doctors recorded death on July 21 due to critical compression of the nerves connecting the heart and lungs.

The video of this approach clearly shows that Vicki was not ready for such a weight. Justin took the bar off on the bent legs, which were also shaking. It is possible that this is a consequence of stress and general fatigue.

– I don’t like that he squats in ordinary shoes: no hard soles, no weightlifting shoes, but ordinary sneakers. I don’t like that he squats with an open grip, in this situation it also has a fatal part, ”Roman Abidzhba explains the errors in Viki’s technique to MSMK’s YouTube channel GoB Channel in powerlifting.

The horrific moment was captured on video. Photo: screenshot from social media video

Vika had no insurers. Police say intentional injuries

Justin Vicki is an experienced athlete who has probably had a lot of unsuccessful approaches. But in this case, he found himself almost alone with the bar.

During the exercise, Vicki was secured by one person who stood behind and couldn’t do anything when Justin needed help. Already after Vicki “soaked” the bar on her neck and fell on her back, the spotter fell with him.

When dealing with heavyweights, as occurs in powerlifting competitions, there are usually three assistant spotters – one behind and two to the sides of the bar.

According to Bali Discovery, citing news agency Antara, police are still investigating the athlete’s death. Including – interviews the staff of The Paradise Gym fitness club, where Vicki worked and trained. Law enforcement officers have been known to work on versions of premeditated murder and criminal negligence.

“At present, there is no evidence of a murder. Once the investigation process is completed, we will share the details. The matter is still under investigation,” Inspector Guru Firmansia said as quoted by Bali Discovery.

Police are investigating the death of a 33-year-old blogger. Photo: social networks

Vicky loved squats and was a great motivator

In truth, Justin Vicky has not reached great heights or won major competitions. But the guy from an early age took his figure, participating in competitions both in the category up to 65 kg, and up to 75 kg and 82 kg. And in recent years, Vicki has been a trainer and nutrition consultant for many people who want to improve their figure.

“Justin Vicki has been an unwavering friend and source of support,” Paradise Bali said in a statement. “His smile and genuine interest in our lives made us feel that he appreciated us very much. He celebrated our victories, helped us through our struggles, and reminded us that we were never alone on our journey to better health and well-being.

Vicki has already garnered hundreds of comments on her latest social media post. Many people expressed their gratitude to the coach who once helped them. By the way, in the same social networks, Vicki repeatedly said that barbell squats are her favorite, but most dangerous exercise.

Source: KP

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