The girl on the side has problems with housing in Australia: “Was it an evil eye?”



After a sequence of unforeseen events, singer Gabi Fernandes showed Tamires reaction

Gabi shared the perrengues she went through and the reaction of her girlfriend, Tamires

Singer Gabi Fernandes is in Australia to cover the Women’s World Cup. You took part in the debut of the Brazilian national team last Monday, the 24th. But some perrengues disturbed the celebrations after Brazil’s victory. After leaving Adelaide, where the match was held, she traveled to Brisbane, the host city of the Brazilian delegation, but the singer’s accommodation in the city was cancelled.

Gabi faced the unexpected with good humor: “The happiness of a poor man does not last long”, he joked. According to the singer, the presenter canceled the accommodation without giving any explanations. “We are looking for a place to stay. We are lost, if anyone knows of anyone who works in a hotel or rents an apartment please let us know,” she said. “Was it someone’s evil eye?”

It showed the reaction of his girlfriend, Tamires, when she followed the saga. “How it works in Australia: I give her a hard time and she cries laughing at everyone.”

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Before that, Gabi and her friend Amanda had already faced some problems. In Adelaide, the checkout time at the hotel they were staying at was changed. And the saga continued, when they arrived at the airport, they found their flight to Brisbane was delayed.

Already in the new city, friends received help from Brazilians living in Brisbane. “This is Brazil, even on the other side of the world there are people to help. We are safe and we have a roof over our heads, everything is fine,” she celebrated.

The singer has stated that she will seek solutions to the problems she has been facing and that she will sue the platform where she hosted. “We are badly hurt by this. She’s running out of part, she’s stressing us out, this is a very difficult journey,” she vented. “I planned and it all went wrong.”

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