7 Mistakes Chelsea Bosses Made After Taking Club From Abramovich Save Money, Stupid Transfers And A Management Nightmare



Chelsea have sunk down the Premier League table, falling to 12th place.  Photo: Reuters
Chelsea have sunk down the Premier League table, falling to 12th place. Photo: Reuters

Lampard’s Chelsea are 12th in the Premier League with a tour to go

Almost a year that Chelsea exists with new owners. After the club was simply taken from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, it was acquired by American investors, and now the main person at Stamford Bridge is Todd Bowley.

Americans have changed a lot. They spent the most money last year, changed three managers, filled the dressing room with useless players and dropped Chelsea to 12th place in England.

KP Sport talks about 7 US investor mistakes that ‘killed’ Chelsea greatness.

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Get rid of Tuchel – lose common sense

Two seasons ago, Chelsea London performed a real miracle in the Champions League final by beating Manchester City. And the creator of this miracle was Thomas Tuchel.

It looked like Tuchel would receive lifelong immunity to work at Chelsea. But the new American owners didn’t care. Tuchel flew from the club as if there had never been a Champions League cup or a better match for Les Bleus in recent years.

But the German was considered one of the best coaches in the world, one of the best tacticians and a serious motivator. And only Todd Bowley hasn’t heard of these badges. Chelsea failed to hold Thomas back and then crumbled before our eyes.

“Tukhel was just tired of endless meetings with different owners inviting him over for breakfast, lunch or dinner,” a source told the club.

Arsenal beat Chelsea at home. Photo: Reuters

The worst transfer campaign in history

Chelsea are like the worst Monopoly player of all time. Over the two transfer windows, the Blues lost around 611 million euros on transfers. This is a historic record. Even in the winter transfer window, when European clubs tend to make targeted buffs, the Londoners shelled out €329.5m.

Sometimes these acquisitions spoke of terrible chaos. As if Bowley found a random player in a computer football simulator and said, “I want one for myself!” All of this led to an overabundance of the midfield and absolute shame in defense.

But the Londoners managed to let Romela Lukaku go to Inter. Now he will play in the Champions League final, and Chelsea – in 12th place with one round before the end of the Premier League season.

Argentinian Enzo Fernandez at Chelsea received the 5th number, under which Jorginho played. Photo: Reuters

Too many stars in one box

The horror of transfers has caused a scandal – Chelsea players no longer go into the dressing room. Even dear Mikhail Mudrik had to change in the hallway. But for the Ukrainian, who only had a decent season at Shakhtar, he paid 100 million euros (70+30).

But seriously, Chelsea have way too many good players and no manager at all. At Real Madrid, for example, there are only stars, but there are “uncles” who manage them. There are a lot of top players at City, but there are the main ones – De Bruyne, Gundogan, Silva. And who is in charge at Chelsea, who is the locomotive? And it just doesn’t exist!

American owners try to climb in everything

The English media have repeatedly written that Todd Bowley literally controls all processes at his club. Under Thomas Tuchel, he even advised which players to put the German in the starting XI. It is possible that this happened under Graham Potter.

At first, Bowley himself was the team’s sporting director. Bought a ton of useless players and quit. Admittedly, he spawned roles at Chelsea – he brought in a technical director, international talent and transfer director, co-director of recruitment and talent, an internationally oriented technical director, as well as a director of football development . Now they run Chelsea.

Graham Potter worked at Chelsea for 7 months, and his activities cost 81 million euros. Photo: Reuters

Bowley runs the club in a very strange way

According to The Athletic, Bowley wants to create a collegiate governing body for Chelsea. Where he, apparently, will be the president. And all this instead of the two main people of the club from the Abramovich era – Marina Granovsky and Petr Cech.

The club’s transfer policy is also not subject to just one person. Each “new administrator” can propose options for new acquisitions. Maybe that’s why there are so many purchases.

And yet, it is not at all clear who is responsible for choosing the head coach of the team. There is simply no end to be found. And it is even surprising that with so many personnel, Chelsea players learned of the dismissal of Graham Potter through press articles. There was simply no one in the club who could personally convey this news to them.

Graham Potter is an anti-record

Todd Bowley’s first major purchase at Chelsea helm was head coach Graham Potter. The Brighton manager suddenly took charge of Chelsea. The only problem is that Potter didn’t show a ‘stunning result’ at Brighton either. But at Chelsea it really turned out “Wow”.

Under Graham, Chelsea scored 1.27 points in the Premier League – it’s a repeat of the club’s anti-record. They only won 39% of games – also an anti-record for the 21st century. The Briton overtook the team in 11th place.

During seven months at the club, Potter received around £7million in salary. And for the amazing results (in fact, for the early termination of the contract), Graham received 13 million pounds from the American owners.

Frank Lampard tries to save Chelsea, but it doesn’t go very well. Photo: Reuters

How did Frank Lampard get tricked?

Frank Lampard, a club legend from the Abramovich era, has been asked to save an already drowned Chelsea. But only that is no longer recorded. Now Lampard continues to finish off the club.

Under Frank at the helm, the Londoners also had an interesting stat – a run of nine games without a win and six defeats in a row. Should Lampard be blamed for this? Barely. After all, nothing has changed at the club itself and the problems with the team have gone nowhere.

Even Julian Nagelsmann refused to accept such a Chelsea. But Lampard was thrown under the grindstone. After all, he is Chelsea legend Abramovich – strong and titled. But not this Chelsea with American owners. And that means no regrets.

Source: KP

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