Clube capixaba announces SAF with an investment of R$ 50 million over ten years



After a long negotiation process, which began in January, the traditional Rio Branco Atlético Clube, founded in 1913, is the first club in Espírito Santo to have its own SAF (Sociedade Anônima de Futebol). The investment in the capixaba team will be at least R$50 million.

The SAF proposal was signed on Wednesday by the club’s president, Paulo Pachêco, and the president of the deliberative council, Marcos Gumiero. The contract will now be sent for deliberation and the vote of the shareholders at the meeting, which will take place in the next few days.

“The goal is to regain relevance on the national scene, reinforcing football and the pride of the boss,” said Pachêco. A great champion of capixaba, Rio Branco has 37 state titles and expects a leap in quality from the establishment of the SAF.

A minimum of BRL 50 million will be invested by T2R Sports Ltda. over ten years, with BRL 10 million going towards the club’s infrastructure, including the construction of a training centre. The deal was structured by the same firm that brought John Textor-owned Eagle Holdings to Botafogo and 777 Partners to Vasco.

Source: Terra

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