Libertadores: Internacional beats Metropolitanos and appeases the club’s crisis



Colorado had the goals of Alan Patrick and Luiz Adriano to breathe a sigh of relief in the B key

In Venezuela, Internacional put an end to their poor results by beating Metropolitanos 2-1. The victory leaves the Rio Grande do Sul team at the top of Group B, with 8 points. The Venezuelans are at the bottom, with no points.

In the next round, Internacional will play against Nacional, in Uruguay. The Metropolitanos face Independiente Medellín, at home.

The game

Internacional was sovereign from the first minutes. Without giving space to the Metropolitanos, Colorado imposed itself in the offensive field and created a volume that gave confidence to its fans.

Of course the goals came up. The first came with Alan Patrick, who converted the penalty by wrong-footing the goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards, Luiz Adriano put an end to the bad phase by widening in the 31st minute.

Before the break, the third took shape and had the chance to paint with Luiz Adriano. The number 9 received it in the penalty area, but the shot into the goalkeeper’s face went from the backline.

In the final stage, Inter’s tranquility ended after 4 minutes. Vargas hit a nice shot from the edge of the box and beat Jhon.

The goal gave courage to the Venezuelans who have grown up in the game. In the 20th minute the ball that came close to equalizing came from Darwin Gómez, who completed the cross and the Colorado goalkeeper performed a miracle.

In the final minutes, when the tactic no longer existed, both teams lost a player to a red card. Despite this, Inter managed to hold off the pressure from the Metropolitanos and exited the pitch with the win.


Venue: Olimpico de la UVC, Caracas (FRI)

Date-Time: 05/25/2023 – 21:00

Referee: Nicolas Lamolina (ARG)

Assistants: Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG) and Mariana de Almeida (ARG)

VAR: Jorge Balino (ARG)

Audience/Income: Taxpayers/BRL

Yellow cards: Ferro, José Moreno, Freddy Vargas (MET), Alan Patrick, Barbalhas, Igor Gomes, Nico Hernández (INT)

Red cards: Sequera (MET) Nico Hernández (INT)

Goal: Alan Patrick (16’/T1) Luiz Adriano (31’/T1) Vargas (4’/T2)

METROPOLITANS: Schiavone; Vargas, Ferro, José Moreno and Cova (Marchán, at 43’/T2); Laszo, Carmeno (Bareiro, at 2/32) and Larotonda; Darwin Gómez (Lucena, at 2/37T) Freddy Vargas (Irwin Antón, at 2/43) and Ortíz. Coach: José Maria Morr.

INTERNATIONAL: John Victor; Rômulo, Rodrigo Moledo, Nicolás Hernández and Thauan Lara; Gustavo Campanharo (Carlos Pena, Q1/2), Johnny (Barbalhas, Q2/26) and Alan Patrick; Pedro Henrique (Igor Gomes, at 2/36Q), Wanderson (Matheus Dias, at 2/20Q) and Luiz Adriano (Alemão, at 2/20Q). Technician: Mano Menezes.

Source: Terra

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