Haaland scores three goals as City beat Burnley to advance to the FA Cup semi-finals



It took a while to get off the ground, but Manchester City beat Burnley 6-0 this Saturday afternoon at the Etihad Stadium, in just one game in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. With that, the team led by Pep Guardiola is qualification for the semi-final stage.

It was the first game of citizens after the massacre against RB Leipzig, for the round of 16 of the Champions League, in the middle of the week. Haaland, once again, was directly responsible for the score: he scored the first three goals, reaching 42 goals for the season. Julian Álvarez (twice) and Palmer closed the account.

Now, the team will have some time until their next engagement, due to next week’s Fifa Date. City will only be back on the pitch on 1 April, for the classic match against Liverpool, at home, at 8:30 (Brasilia time), valid for the English championship. Burnley, on the other hand, receives Sunderland a day earlier, at 16:00 (Brasilia time).

The game

Contrary to what was expected, Pep Guardiola did not give rest to De Bruyne and Haaland for the duel. Likewise, Burnley surprised with a quick exchange of passes and annoyed City. So much so that the goal arrives only in the 31st minute, in the first big dangerous offensive move.

Ortega threw the ball towards the attack, Haaland blocked Julian Álvarez, who returned to the Norwegian. With speed, he grazed the goalkeeper’s exit and bagged the goals.

Just three minutes later, from play on the left, De Bruyne passed to Phil Foden, who crossed low and found Haaland again. The player grazed, displacing the goalkeeper, and spread wide.

Burnley’s only chance came just before the half-time whistle, when Ortega made a great save from Maatsen’s shot.

There were no changes to City at half-time. With less than ten minutes still on the opponent’s court, Mahrez stopped Peacock in front of goal. Shortly afterwards Haaland receives on the right, charges and dribbles the opponents, shoots and also stops the goalkeeper.

At 14, however, there was no chance for Pavone. Mahrez received from De Bruyne, doubled through Haaland and passed to Phil Foden on the left, who shot hard over the crossbar. In the play-off, however, Haaland appeared once again and scored his third goal in the match.

Shortly afterwards it was Mahrez’s turn to play for De Bruyne, who invaded the area and played for Rúben Dias, who was on his way and just pushed to the back of the goal. With the result guaranteed, Guardiola replaced the two goalscorers and other players.

Before 30 minutes, however, the goals swing again, this time on action by De Bruyne, who makes a beautiful pass on the right, in a shot that stops at the goalkeeper. Palmer, new to the field, grabbed the rebound and scored.

Moments later, the Belgian midfielder lobbed the ball to Julian Álvarez, who ran, won with his skill and kicked hard to score for the sixth time of the afternoon.

Source: Terra

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