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Incredible reason: American journalists complained about the White House

Biden has vowed to make the news from Washington boring again. Well, well, mission accomplished, sir.A photo: ReutersAccording to American journalists, under Biden the White House has become...

German motorists flock to France for petrol

Who rejoices in the arrival of the neighbors, it is the sellers of the shops of the French service stationsA photo: ReutersThe price of a liter of gasoline in...

Maxim Averin was trapped in his own delusions

Maxim Averin as Arbenin. Photo by Ekaterina TsvetkovaRetribution, game of fate, tragic coincidences and strong feelings, when there is only one step from love to hate, from jealousy...

London court sends former world tennis champion to jail

Becker was officially declared bankrupt in 2017.A photo: ReutersA British court has sentenced six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker to 2.5 years in prison for concealing assets.According to the...

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