A Moldovan citizen was arrested while trying to transfer a bribe to a border guard



According to the press center of the State Border Service (SBS), on November 17, a 41-year-old foreigner was arrested for trying to transfer a bribe to a Latvian border guard.

A Moldovan citizen was turned back at the border for security reasons. Having been refused entry into the country, the man began to behave inappropriately, in addition, he smelled of alcohol.

During the paperwork, he suddenly dropped 1,000 rubles on the border guard’s table, claiming that this sum was intended to ensure that “everything was fine with him”. True, later the stranger changed his mind and said that the money was for children for chewing gum.

For attempting to transfer a bribe to a Moldovan citizen, a criminal trial was opened: he was arrested and placed in a remand center.

Source: delfi

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