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Besides showing you healthier product options, we also separate an indication for you to gift to your loved ones

    During the Christmas or New Year celebrations, Panettone is considered indispensable for many families. As the end of the year arrives, the shelves of the markets fill up with these products, which can be found in different flavors, such as chocolate, candied fruit and even dulce de leche.

    With so many options available, choosing the one you like best might not be an easy task. That’s why we’ve come to show you six variations of panettone recommended for the most varied tastes, even for those who want to enjoy Christmas delicacies in a healthier way.



    Panettone with Chocolate Drops, Without Nuts


    For Christmas this year, Nutfree Alimentos SaudΓ‘veis ​​​​​​intends to release around 30,000 gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan healthy panettones.

    Among the options available in the portfolio is the Chocolate Panettone, free of lactose (milk sugar) and casein (milk protein). In this product, instead of the chocolate chips, pieces of chocolate with 63% cocoa are used. Furthermore, there is also the presence of fragments of Brazilian nut.

    Comment: πŸ‡§πŸ‡· This panettone is perfect for those who want to enjoy Christmas in a healthy and tasty way. Its paste is very light and the semi-sweet chocolate is very creamy. The Brazil nut pieces add a special touch, as they manage to make the experience even tastier and crunchier. I couldn’t help but mention that by heating the product for 10 seconds in the microwave, the filling melts and mixes with the soft dough, leaving the flavor very pronounced”.

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    Panettone Fruit Zero Sugar, Wickbold


    This panettone has no added sugar in its recipe. So, if you don’t want to break out of your diet this holiday season, this is a tasty and balanced option. In addition to having a surprising flavor, its dough, naturally fermented, gives it a soft texture. In general, Wickbold stands out for the quality of the products offered.

    Comment: “ Often πŸ‡§πŸ‡· what When we are faced with a sweet without sugar, we have the impression that it will be ‘tasteless’. However, that’s not the case with this panettone from Wickbold. In fact it is very tasty, has an excellent texture for those looking for light products for this Christmas and its candied fruits are delicious”.

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    Fruit panettone topped with cashews, Kopenhagen


    Made with candied fruit, raisins and garnished with cashew crusts, this panettone is just one of the delicious options that Kopenhagen offers for Christmas this year. For the commemorative date, products from the iconic Cat’s Language line are also worth a look.

    Comment: “ I loved this panettone! As a big fan of cashews, definitely, the dressing was one of my favorite staples. In addition to candied fruit, it also has raisins, which leave a surprising and perfect flavor for those who love sweets. The packaging of this product is gorgeous and looks great as a dinner table decoration or Christmas tree decoration!”

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    Panettone with Chocolate Flavor Drops, Sette Ragazzi


    For the end of the year celebrations, Seven Boys offers differentiated and tasty products that can make family moments even more special. The brand’s chocolate chip panettone promises an extraordinary sensory experience with every bite.

    β€œWe wanted to keep the portfolio lean and objective, to focus on the versions most requested by Brazilians. Both follow our original recipe, which provides a moist dough and a soft texture, a formulation developed with ingredients specially selected to satisfy all palates. , , the products undergo a natural fermentation process, which makes it possible to obtain a more decisive flavor and an incomparable aroma”, he underlines Luciana Rangel do Carmoexecutive director of marketing and research and development of Wickbold.

    Comment: “ This chocotone really surprised me! It has a soft dough which, combined with the creamy chocolate drops, makes the product delicious with every bite. I think it is very versatile and, therefore, can satisfy the most varied tastes”.

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    Vegan Brass, Nut Free


    Made with a mix of totally gluten-free flours, without the addition of milk or other products of animal origin, this vegan panettone is filled with candied fruit, raisins, cranberries and Brazil nuts.

    “The darling of this Christmas is Veganottone, a Nutfree exclusive. The fruit panettone has cranberries and chestnuts that give it a surprising flavor,” she says. Deborah Trinkauspartner of Nutfree Healthy Foods.

    Comment: “ As soon as I bit into the first piece of this product, the pasta was the one that caught my attention the most, as it is one of the most diverse I’ve ever tried. Maybe because it’s handmade, it’s really very light. The taste of the cranberry is also impressive and makes the product very special.”

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    Panettone Chocolate Drops, Wickbold


    Panettone with chocolate chips is one of the most traditional when thinking about the end of the year celebrations. This Wickbold product is developed with premium and innovative ingredients, which provide lightness and extraordinary flavor. Due to natural fermentation, its texture is soft.

    Comment: “ The natural fermentation of this product provides a fluffy mass that harmonizes perfectly with the creamy chocolate chips. The quality and quantity of the filling really surprised me. It goes great with a very hot coffee or cappuccino.”

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    Panettone Premium, Greengrocer


    With ingredients from family farming, chef Ramiro Bertassin created Panetone Premium, using Italian flours and French butter to guarantee a softer and more hydrated dough.

    There are 48 hours of production, from the manipulation of the dough, passing through the long process of fermentation of the dough.

    Apricot, date and cranberry have been added to the composition with a 65% Republica del Cacao chocolate filling, offering the best raw material produced in Ecuador with Latin American cocoa in a sustainable and artisanal way.

    The Quitanda panettone can be purchased on the market website for R $ 149.99.

    Comment: “Delicious. The dough is very light (probably due to the long fermentation) and doesn’t have that bitter taste like most panettone.



    Pettitone Fruits – Copenhagen


    They are panettone pieces of candied fruit and raisins covered in milk chocolate. In addition to this flavour, Kopenhagen also offers a version filled with chocolate chips.

    Comment: “ I had never known such a product. Being a compact version of the traditional panettone, I found it a great gift option. The chocolate coating is creamy and manages to make the product even more crunchy and tasty. If you have a sweet tooth, you can be sure that the petty will not let you down!”

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