Snacks for World Cup match days



Suggestions for healthy snacks to enjoy while cheering on the national team.

Are you going to cheer for the Brazilian national team and gather your friends in this World Cup? So choose a good company and surprise everyone with very different and tasty snacks for game days to cheer up the crowd.

Since the games are usually broadcast in the afternoon, worth a look below snack suggestions to munch on. Everything is easy to prepare, so no one is away from the TV!

Furthermore, check out the snacks inspired by the World Cup countries here🇧🇷

Snacks for game days

Oil-free popcorn in the microwave

Light version of traditional popcorn:

  • Simply place the kernels of corn in a French bread bag, seal it tightly (roll it up), and place it in the microwave for three minutes. Or follow the crackling noise and adjust the time according to your device.
  • Season with salt.
  • Thus, you will save a lot of calories, as each tablespoon of oil contains 90 calories. You can serve it in green and yellow bags (buy it at party houses).

Vegetable sticks with colorful sauces

  • Cut some carrots (or even more practical baby carrots), cucumbers and hearts of palm (cut into 4) into sticks.
  • Place in transparent bowls or cups and decorate with red peppers and coarse salt.
  • It’s tasty and light. It can also be used in the days preceding lunch, as it is a low-calorie and calming snack in any case. After all, when we chew on crunchy things, we relieve anxiety!

To accompany the sticks prepare a green, white and yellow sauce.

  • Green sauce: mix two tablespoons of light mayonnaise with two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Hit the mix or blender with a sprig of green perfume and two chopped green olives. Season with salt.
  • White sauce: mix two tablespoons of light mayonnaise with two tablespoons of natural yogurt and a finely chopped clove of garlic. Adjust salt if necessary.
  • Yellow Sauce: mix two tablespoons of light mayonnaise with two tablespoons of natural yogurt and a pinch of turmeric (a slightly spicy condiment, easy to find at the supermarket).


  • Cut slices of Italian bread
  • Next, put on a fresh sauce: fry 3 very finely minced garlic cloves in olive oil and add chopped seedless tomato, basil leaves and season with salt and ground black pepper
  • Finally garnish with a slice of buffalo mozzarella or a good goat cheese.

Brazilian sandwiches

Assemble the fillings below:

  • white filling: fry a finely chopped onion and two cloves of garlic in a little olive oil. Then also fry a very finely chopped chicken breast and season with salt. After the braise, mix two tablespoons of ricotta and the chopped heart of palm. If you like the filling more moist, use some cottage cheese or cottage cheese.
  • Green filling: mix cottage cheese with chives and two tablespoons of light mayonnaise (beat in a blender). Season with salt and oil.
  • Yellow filling: make a cream of corn (sauté half a finely chopped onion, add a glass of skimmed or partially skimmed milk and a heaping tablespoon of corn starch dissolved in a little milk). Mix in a drained can of corn, adjust the salt and hit the blender.

How to assemble:

  • Put a layer of bread (wholemeal or light), then a layer of white cream, bread, a layer of green cream, bread and a layer of yellow cream to finish.
  • Finally cut into triangles and place them on a blue tray.

dried fruit mandala

Arrange on a nice plate forming a design:

  • Apricots on the periphery, macadamia nuts, black plums, Brazil nuts (always forming a circle) and white raisins in the center. It looks nice and tasty.

colored pasta

If you prefer “food”, you can prepare in advance:

  • Leave the tagliatelle already drained and the chopped ingredients.
  • During the interval of the game, fry two cloves of garlic in olive oil, add two zucchini strips, black olives, two chopped tomatoes and basil leaves.
  • Then wait until cooked and al dente. Season with salt and a drizzle of olive oil and stir in the pasta.
  • Finally, serve with ricotta or grated cheese.

Banana and passion fruit tropical dessert with mousse

For a more streamlined dessert, serve a dessert with a very tropical fruit flavor.

  • Place a sour passion fruit with seeds in the bottom of a plate.
  • Then lay the banana slices on top (tastes better and contains more tryptophan, helping to reduce anxiety) and drizzle on some lemon juice so it doesn’t darken).
  • Top with a light passion fruit mousse (mix a can of skimmed or light condensed milk in a blender, with a can of light cream and half a shot of concentrated passion fruit juice.
  • Finally decorate with mint leaves and don’t abuse the portion, ok?
  • Furthermore, you can also assemble in mini-tacinhas.


Don’t overdo the alcohol if you plan to return to activities after the game. If you are at home, have only one shot and drink it very slowly, enjoying it! Remember: each gram of alcohol contains seven calories, nearly double the amount of carbohydrates, which contain four!

A tip: garnish a glass with a slice of carambola and prepare a strawberry juice with water and a squeeze of lemon.

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