How not to make mistakes when preparing recipes with chocolate



Pastry chef Caio Corrêa, ambassador of Callebaut, gives advice.

Pastry chef Caio Corrêa, Ambassador of Callebaut, is the author of the Eton Mess dessert, very popular in England and which is part of the World Cup sticker album, a special notebook with recipes from all the countries that this year they compete in the World Cup. Between one preparation and another, he told some secrets to avoid making mistakes in the use of chocolate in the culinary techniques of preparing desserts.

The first tip is about hardening technique🇧🇷 It is important to use a quality chocolatemade with 100% cocoa butter (if you don’t have a good product, there won’t be a good result), and follow the three temperatures of the process exactly.

The second tip number two is about storage🇧🇷 Always store chocolate in a cool place, away from light and never store chocolate in the refrigerator.

The third piece of advice is never to let the chocolate in contact with moisture🇧🇷 This implies not wetting the chocolate or leaving it in a very humid environment. Moisture destabilizes the chocolate completely.

For melt the chocolate without errors, you can use the bain-marie cooking technique. But it is important that the container containing the chocolate never touches the hot water in the pan and that the chocolate does not come into contact with the steam from the water. To preserve all the characteristics of the chocolate during preparation, always use a pan that is smaller than the container above the pan.

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