Paola Carosella denies bankruptcy and millionaire debt



The website accused the chef of being bankrupt and having a loan of BRL 2 million

Paola Carosella, head chef

the cook Paula CarosellaAged 50, he denied that he was bankrupt and BRL 2 million in debt due to loans to rebuild one of his restaurants.

In public placement, Paula Carosella he declared that he has not closed any of his factories and that he does not owe millions of reais.

In addition to denying bankruptcy and millionaire debt, the cook she also shared a tweet from a fan who stood up for her. “Only if it’s a historic debt to two million followers eager for a chance to eat at your restaurant. Me included.”

The controversy began earlier in the week when the site Television history took the statements made by Paula Carosella in 2017, in which he claims that at 40 he owned a “near bankrupt restaurant” and that he “lived bare” and used them for power.

At the event where he made the statements, Paula Carosella he admitted that he had gone through difficult times with his Arturito restaurant, mainly due to disagreements with his partners, and that he had to take out a loan of 2 million reais to renovate the establishment and become its sole owner.

“I did the only thing I knew how to do: work. I became kind of an octopus in the restaurant everywhere, I was there, from unclogging the toilet in the bathroom to going to the boardroom. I did whatever it took to rebuild the company,” he said at the time.

A chef it came to light after a website posted that it was allegedly struggling financially. It’s worth mentioning Paula Carosella he paid off the loans he borrowed to rebuild the restaurant. “Today I’m sure I can chart the destiny of my life. I have a wealth that doesn’t come from money, but from having looked back and knowing that the dreams I had no longer have any limits”.

Paola Carosella's restaurants
Paola Carosella’s restaurants

Source: Terra

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