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Korean makeup allows you to create a fresh and youthful look, written nur.kz It has become a real hit in the beauty industry. Fashion publications Elle Girl and Voice examined the characteristics of Korean-style makeup and gave instructions on how to create a trendy look.

Features of Korean makeup

Koreans love cosmetics, but use them sparingly. The favorite decorative products of Asian beauties are BB creams, tone-on-tone cushions, lipsticks, which have a light texture and do not create a mask effect on the face.

Features of Korean Makeup:

  • Healthy and glowing skin. The main principle of Korean makeup is to create the effect of a young and fresh face. In Korea, attention is paid to cleaning the skin in several stages. Korean women get glow and perfectly even skin tone with skincare cosmetics, not highlighter.
  • Natural light colors. Girls in Korea prefer beige, nude, pink-orange, coral and peach tones for daytime makeup. The most popular lipstick colors are beige-brown, nude, coral and berry shades.
  • A different interpretation of contouring. In Korea, the approach to contouring is fundamentally different: instead of harsh lines and active darkening of the cheekbones, Korean women use highlighting techniques (strobing).
  • Single make-up. According to Elle Girl, Korean women often use only one tool to do their makeup. Lipstick is applied simultaneously to the lips, cheekbones and mobile eyelid.
  • Bright accents. Pastel pink, purple, green shadows or thin shiny arrows can become a color accent.
  • Straight eyebrows without crease. To create the desired shape and give clarity, eyebrows are painted with powders – shadows or a pencil.
  • Fake eyelashes. Korean girls do not have lush eyelashes. To make them look thicker and curlier, they glue overhead.
  • Use stickers to create a double eyelid. These stickers fix the skin above the eyes, making the look open and correcting the overhanging eyelid.
  • Imitation of bags under the eyes. An unusual beauty technique makes the face look younger and innocent.
  • Pink cheeks. Elle Girl points out that Korean women love blush pinks. To look fresh, you need to apply blush in the middle of the cheeks, not on the apples or cheekbones.
  • Kissed lips. To create a gradient effect, the lipstick is applied to the center of the lips, then blended to the edges. It can be done with matte and glossy finishes.

Korean makeup is suitable for girls with all facial features. It is important when choosing lipstick, shadows and blush to consider your color type. The effect of porcelain skin may not be suitable for dark-skinned or dark-skinned beauties.

Korean style makeup instructions

When creating Korean makeup, the emphasis is on the eyes. In this case, you need to create a perfectly even complexion and semi-matte lips. To recreate soft Korean makeup, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • care products (tonic, vitamin serum, moisturizer);
  • primer, BB cream or cushion foundation, mineral powder, concealer;
  • palette of shadows of natural or pastel shades;
  • bright beige or shimmering shadows;
  • liquid eyeliner and brown pencil;
  • matte lipstick and lip gloss;
  • a set of makeup brushes;
  • sponges, cottons and sticks.

Instructions for creating soft Korean-style makeup:

  1. Prepare your skin for makeup application. Make a moisturizing mask, apply a few layers of toner on your face, add vitamin C serum and seal it with cream.
  2. Even out the tone. If there are bumps, acne and other minor blemishes on the skin, cover them with concealer. Then, apply a foundation or pillow to your face two shades lighter than your natural skin color. Blend with a sponge or a large makeup brush. For a matte finish, dust your face with mineral powder.
  3. Give your eyebrows the desired shape and tone. With a pencil or shadows of a light brown tint, draw the space between the hairs. To fix the shape, use a special wax or eyebrow gel.
  4. Apply the shadow on the mobile eyelid. Mix well. When choosing a color, give preference to light shades with a creamy texture (rosy, pearly golden, light peach, beige, sand). This color scheme will visually enlarge the eyes.
  5. Draw thin arrows above the eyes with liquid eyeliner or pencil. The tail of the arrow on the eyelid should go down, visually round the eyes.
  6. Recreate the trending technique – the puffy eye effect. Draw a line under the eye with light brown shadows or a pencil, approximately on the edge of the eyeball, gently blend it. Fill the space between the line and the edge of the eyelash growth with light and shiny shadows.
  7. Make your eyelashes fluffy. Cover with voluminous mascara or apply false eyelashes.
  8. Apply pink or coral blush to the cheekbones under the eyes, blend.
  9. Create the effect of kissed lips. Voice magazine advises to make up the lips with lipstick, apply a dotted concealer closer to the lip line and blend it with your fingers. To add shine, apply a drop of gloss to the center of the lower and upper lips.

Light and eye-catching Korean style makeup is perfect for work, school or going out. Colorful accents, sequins or rhinestones will make the look festive.

For a super stylish look, try the trendy newtro makeup, a mix of 90’s style and modernity. It’s a smoky smoky eye with spider legs in neutral tones, natural lash curls and rosy cheeks. The main rules that help to emphasize the natural beauty of a Korean woman are a minimum of cosmetics and the correct placement of accents.

Korean-style makeup involves the use of light cosmetics, natural tints, and techniques that make the face look fresh and doll-like.

Source: delfi

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