Dani La Chepi’s words after the anxiety she caused among her followers because she disappeared from the nets: “I started to feel bad and my body wanted me to stop”



After noticing the absence of a few followers Dani La Chepi to share their concerns on social networks and on this issue, english angel He read a message that the Influencer sent to a place where he could talk about the bad time he was going through.

They asked me so many things about Dani, they asked all of us because she just kind of disappeared from the nets.. been together lately Fernando Dente (in the loop Al Dente Night) and they made a very good program,” the conductor began by saying. TO THEM live.

“I asked him because I have good feelings. and he told me that he was going through a very strong moment of stress, so he decided to disappear from the networks that had his job.. He uploads content, and that and theater are his source of income,” he said.

“Dani told me, ‘I took a few days off because I finished. I started feeling bad and my body asked me to stop, so I give myself time to recover with doctors and tests.’

It was then that De Brito read the conversation he shared with the young woman on May 17, just over a week ago: “He said to me, ‘I took a few days off because I’m done. I started to feel bad and my body wanted me to stopso I give myself time to recover with doctors, tests”.

There are a few personal issues that are crossing my mind. A high quilombo to pass“, he added. And he closed with a deep analysis: “So he decided to get away from the exhibition and do some work to find some peace.”

“I have a few personal issues running through my mind. It’s a high quilombo that will pass.”


Dani la Chepi He told me in an interview with There, HE wrong comment by a follower about his daughter Jesus.

“Recently a follower, an old lady, He told me to put that fat girl on a diet., fear. And when I go into the profile, because sometimes they get wrong, I saw you’re a mom and you say ‘how great’.” revealed the influencer.

Moreover, Dani la Chepi spoke in dialogue with the program America about criticism of his body: “I have anorexia nervosa”. And off: I keep getting messages saying ‘you look like your mother’s womb’., ‘It doesn’t really matter if you take off your breasts, if you turn your back it’ll look like you’re on your back’”.

Source: Ciudad

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