Marcelo Corazza, confused after unlocking his mobile: “They can demand his arrest”



Although it was released a few weeks ago, Marcelo Corazza continues to blame in a situation where crimes are committed “The corruption of under 13s in an ideal competition” And “Exhibits obscene to a child under 13”and his situation has been complicated in recent hours.

In the morning we Pampa Mónaco cautioned that Corazza’s situation “will become very complicated”. After the detection of the technological devices seized in his house as a result of the raid by the Provincial Police Department Human Trafficking Branch Directorate teams.

“Usually when you have nothing to hide, you hand over your phone and say ‘this is my password’”Monaco has revealed how long it takes to unlock the devices of the former maker of Big Brother.


“There are messages they find very complex, especially If the prosecutor succeeds find the time when these messages started”, explained the panelist of the Eltrece cycle, referring to the fact that the recipient was underage at the time.

It should be noted that he was arrested along with Corazza at the end of March this year. Francisco Rolando Angelotti (46), Raúl Ignacio Mermet (45) and Andrés Fernando Charpenet (53) and after they announced they were placed in Ezeiza prison.

was finally released. Javier Sánchez Sarmiento, president of the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 48 due to lack of merit, although it continues to be investigated as its cell phone and other devices are not yet unlocked.

For example, today there are messages about a young 18-year-old football player.“Pampa Mónaco is a player who plays in the Premier League of a club with a clear relationship,” he said.


“In one of the messages they found, this person blames Corazza for giving the phone to person X. (…) Why did he accuse him, he says ‘hey, who did you give my phone to’. they offer me prostitutionI have a relationship with you, but I do not prostitute myself to anyone’”, explained the journalist.

He was a person who offered to prostitute himself and sell content.. But that’s not all, another message or other chat exchange that finds Marcelo Corazza is with another possible victim and An emotional relationship can be sensed between Corazza. and this other personAdded Monaco.

“And there are messages where Corazza tells him ‘how much your love means to me’ or ‘how precious you are to me’. But at the same time, There are conversations in which different images and intimate videos were sent to this person at Corazza’s request.Prepayment by Mercado Pago”, he stated.

Investigation suspected of corruption of minors due to an incident with a victim in Costanera Sur (…) and where there’s an obscene display for undressing and undressing menThat’s why there is corruption of minors,” Monaco said.

Finally, Monaco noted that the prosecutor had explained to the Police that Corazza’s devices had “compatible elements” with the cause under investigation. “The prosecutor told the investigating judge (…) ‘With all this, Your Honor, It seems to me that it would be useful to restart the investigation’ and they will demand arrest.”, closed Pampa Monaco.

Source: Ciudad

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