Rodrigo Lussich, who knocked Diego Brancatelli down after meeting with Kablan: “He has a master’s degree in harassing teammates”



this week Paulo Kablan and Diego Brancatelli star in a controversial episode The event, which ended in Argenzuela when the police expert journalist left the loop alive, then posted a shocking tweet about his chauffeur partner this week.

“Why wasn’t I on the air at the last block on C5N? Out of respect for the channel and its colleagues. I cannot tolerate the disrespect of any kind of rudeness without preparation.“Written by Paulo, who is known for keeping nothing when it comes to expressing his opinion.

Later, the journalist tried to decibel his defense by stating that he “had a personal appreciation” for the former Intractables. “I was tired, you are discussing information. He’s a good boy, but I didn’t want to follow him.he said, referring to the report that started it all, about a cop killing a thief in cold blood.


On Partners of the show, they talked about the controversial transition between the panelists of the C5N cycle. Who usually uses the Jorge Rial?and then Adrián Pallares, Kablan’s “preparing the suitcase to go” The channel he has been working on for more than 15 years.

“According to me This was the perfect excuse to take the clothes out in the sun. Paula Varela said she was uncomfortable with Brancatelli being the host because she openly wasn’t prepared to address these issues. “And clearly Brancatelli doesn’t respect”, pointed Rodrigo Lussich.

“Also, Kablan is a hot guy. He was five minutes late to Elizabeth Vernaci’s radio show, and when Elizabeth scolded him, The man stood up, said “one kiss, I’m leaving” and resigned from the airLouis added it.

Contrasting Adrián with the crossing Marcela Tauro and Luis Ventura had on Intrusos (another Rial cycle) years ago, Lussich gasped with Brancatelli:He’s a provocateur and an expert at pissing off his teammates. Graduated with this at Intratables. You may hate it later, but if you don’t know how to play the game…“, top.

Source: Ciudad

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