From Camila Homs to Cande Tinelli: one by one confirmed for Bailando 2023



HE dance 2023 already eleven confirmed and explained the names of each. Those who said yes to Marcelo Tinelli’s program.

between Big Brother 2022 attendees, who is the producer of the program America summoned and accepted Tomás Holder, Coti Romero, Alexis Quiroga and Alfa.

Camila Ladies one of the participants It’ll be there eventually, as confirmed by Ángel de Brito at LAM and assured that they had surrendered in time so that he could not decide.

between relatives of the driver, his cousin Luciano ‘el Tirri’ and his daughter CandelariaIt can also be seen on the famous track. Influencer Juli Castro Another one who said yes.

Who will be back after attending the event? Dance for a Dream 2010 and 2011 no more and no less Cordovan model, actress and singer Coki Ramírez.

Finally, Kennys Palacios, Wanda Nara’s best friend and personal assistantwill be part of the dance competition, also dancer and Lourdes Sánchez, partner of Chato Prada.


Inside LAM confirms Anabella SánchezA humble 18-year-old, who applied from home to join Vogue, Dancing will be in 2023.

From Camila Homs to Cande Tinelli: one by one confirmed for Bailando 2023

Model from San Francisco de Solano, which is already part of Very talentedpromises and has been making a name for himself in the entertainment world ever since. his story went viral and now one of them It will be part of Marcelo Tinelli’s track.

Source: Ciudad

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