Violeta Urtizberea sent Juan Ingaramo to the front and explained why Nacha Guevara had told her, “He’s drying his body with a hair dryer and I’m in despair.”



in the middle of the bliss Juan Ingaramowho was born the fruit of that love lilac, Violet Urtizberea She did not hesitate to send the man who conquered her heart to the front in an unmissable one-on-one encounter. Fer Dente inside Al Dente Nightled program America.

“When I met Juan, I was with another boyfriend, that’s a fact, but I found it cute. And when he found out that I was leaving, he wrote to me and that’s where things started. ‘Are we going to have a snack?’ asked.And worse, I said we were going with a mutual friend. Anything,” Violeta began.

“I just left, it was a lot of meeting face to face. Then we had a barbecue at home, people left. and it took a long time to give me the first kiss, it was like 6 in the morning. He told me he enjoyed the fact that it didn’t happen. It was like ‘slow heat’ as I knew this was going to happen,” he added.

“Juan is a diva. I’m telling you everything with this, he’s drying his body with a hair dryer, it’s making me helpless. But hey, that’s all. You can’t do everything, right?”

Finally, when asked by the server why he said Nacha Guevara Violeta hung up on the singer with a laugh: “Because she’s a diva. I’m telling you everything with this, she’s drying her body with a hair dryer, it’s making me helpless.. But that’s it. You can’t do everything, can you?


After the successful end of the lane stars, Marcela Kloosterboer, Celeste Sid, Juliet Nair Bald And Violet Urtizberea They met at a well-known restaurant in San Isidro to enjoy dinner with their friends.

The four players announced to their followers that they would meet in their stories. instagram: “Outgoing”, Marcela wrote as Celeste announced her arrival to the north ground.

The quartet amusedly filmed themselves eating and then shared the videos on their social networking accounts. In the footage you can see Julieta holding broccoli and Violeta eating french fries.

Source: Ciudad

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