All the yet unreleased details about Marcos and his father’s reunion in Big Brother



All the details of Marcos and his father’s reunion in the unreleased Big Brother (Photo: Web)

Undoubtedly, reunification marcos ginocchio with his father, JoseIt was one of the most emotional moments ever watched. Big Brother 2022. The man brought presents to his son, whom he had not seen for five months, to mark his presence.

After living face to face with Marcos, José opened his heart by engaging in a dialogue with Marcos. tv show: “When I’m with these feelings and I feel powerless because I can’t achieve something, I show it this way.” he said, referring to the poem he gifted to his son.

I think it would be a great encouragement for him to put the feelings of each of us on paper.. He didn’t know if he could keep it, and thanks to the production they left him, ”he added, he was very mobilized.

On the other hand, the interviewee, carrying the rosary constantly in his hand, described his religious beliefs with the following words:I carry it with me all the time, it accompanies me morning noon and evening. My connection with God is very important, it is always to be in the presence of the Almighty. He defends life, death, and sickness,” he said to Marcos, after leaving his stamp of peace. Permanent Help Virgin.

I’m glad they let me go”, José, who will keep this experience in his heart and will now count the days until he terminates the young man’s participation in the reality show, closed. cable car.


After the first shock Juliet Poggio, marcos ginocchio, Ignacio “Nacho” Castanares And Romina Uhrig inside Big Brother 2022 to see Wanda Nara and juries master chef integrated German Martitegui, Damian Betular And donato de santisThe future host of the cooking show surprised with her lively compliments.

Usually the house destroys you but you are beautifulWanda was the comment that made Romina and Julieta, who had been locked away with their friends for five months, happy.

The presenter there did not hesitate to share his opinion when he saw Marcos: “you are more beautiful”, she said, not taking her eyes off the young man. Then, when Nacho approached, she flattered him as well: “And you’re so cute too.”

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