Wanda Nara’s job offer for Julieta and Marcos when they leave Big Brother 2022: “Future model?”



Wanda Nara’s job offer for Juliet and Marcos when they leave Big Brother 2022 (Photos: Captures)

In the middle of the countdown to the grand finale Big Brother 2022, Juliet Poggio, marcos ginocchio, Ignacio “Nacho” Castanares And Romina Uhrig received a luxurious visit: Wanda Nara and juries master chef integrated German Martitegui, Damian Betular And donato de santis.

And judging by what he shared after this experience, he is the host of the cooking show (which will start at 21:30 next Monday). cable car) admired Juliet and Marcos.

I’ve never seen anyone put on so much makeup and be this good. I want to suggest you tutorials with @wandanaracosmetics”, his sister wrote Zaira Nara in a post up to Instagram Stories.

Wanda, one of the most beloved participants of the program, shared a video in which the young man admired the products of his brand and was surprised by the job offer he received: “The future model of @wandanaracosmetics?”.

It should be noted that Marcos became the reality show’s first finalist after winning the final leader test, while Julieta, Romina, and Nacho were already nominated directly while awaiting the public vote.

Here's Wanda Nara's job offer for Juliet and Marcos when they leave Big Brother 2022:

Here's Wanda Nara's job offer for Juliet and Marcos when they leave Big Brother 2022:

Photos: Captures from Instagram Stories


After the strong backlash Juliet Poggio Because of the way he refers to one of his pets, a video that went viral on the networks reveals how his family spoke about it at their reunion in 2019. Big Brother 2022.

Julieta’s mom made her a smiley face for talking about the bitch. poor mine”, Nacho was heard to say to Marcos, during which the participant tried to silence him so that the topic would not be brought up further.

“No, poor no. He’s having a good time with his Cucha. Don’t call him poor,” Julieta added as her friends carried her. And he hung up laughing and a little nervously: “Enough, enough Nacho. Let’s eat pancakes. I’ve already explained how it was. I didn’t say I didn’t like him, I said he didn’t have the same affinity with my other dogs.”.

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