Dollar up against the real in line with foreign trade and fears on PEC, Finance



The dollar advanced against the real shortly after this Friday’s opening, following the recovery of the US currency against risky peers abroad and domestic fears about what the final text of the Transition PEC will be and who will be president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to run for Finance Minister.

At 9:15 am (Brasilia time), the spot dollar advanced 0.31%, to 5.3266 reais on sale.

In B3, at 9:15 am (Brasilia time), the first dollar futures contract was up 0.30%, to 5.3310 reais.

The US spot currency closed the last session down by 1.13%, at 5.3103 reais for sale.

The Central Bank will hold an auction of up to 14,380 traditional foreign exchange rate swap contracts this trading session with a view to rolling over the 1 December 2022 deadline.

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