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Recognized for its excellent economic and quality of life indicators, the capital of Paraná will be closer to the global market with the new airport runway

Curitiba, the progressive and modern capital of Paraná, has an airport recognized for the quality of services it offers, so much so that it ranks fourth in the most recent edition of the global AirHelp Score ranking. However, the beginning of the management of CCR Aeroportos brings the prospect of a decisive step to consolidate it more and more as a national and international reference: the construction of a new runway, with a period of five years for the completion of the works, as foreseen in the contract of concession.

“The new runway is a request that the industry of Paraná has been making to the federal government for many years, and now we are pleased to see this project close to realisation,” says the head of strategic affairs of the Federation of Industries of Paraná (Fiep). John Arthur Mohr. In recent years, the airport had already undergone improvements and expansions in the terminals and car parks, but the limitations for landings and take-offs prevented it from reaching its full potential, both for the movement of passengers and for the transport of goods.

The two current runways, each 2,100 meters long, are considered short due to the altitude at which the city is located, 900 meters above sea level. As altitude reduces the efficiency of the landing and take-off processes, the airport needs a longer runway to accommodate fully loaded large aircraft. This deficiency will be remedied with the construction of the third runway, which will be 3,000 meters long.

land of entrepreneurs

The work will bring significant benefits not only to passengers, but also to the broad ecosystem of industries and businesses served by the airport. It will be possible to have direct flights from Curitiba to the United States and Europe, without the need for a stopover in another Brazilian airport, as is happening – especially in Guarulhos or Viracopos, both in the state of São Paulo.

Today, to transport goods from Curitiba abroad by air, it is necessary to use smaller planes, which go to Guarulhos or Viracopos, where the cargo is transferred to larger planes, or to use large planes from Curitiba, but without full load and fuel, which must be completed at another airport before continuing the journey. One way or another, the logistics required come with greater complexity and cost than the much-desired direct flights.

It will also be beneficial for the passengers. “To travel from Curitiba to Europe or the United States today, we need to spend a full day there and another day to return, due to the connection. Direct flights will make this transit much easier and will certainly be a criterion that encourage more global companies to establish themselves in Paraná, thanks to the ease of movement of executives,” predicted Mohr.

There is no shortage of interesting attributes in favor of the city: Curitiba is considered one of the best Brazilian cities for business. According to the Connected Smart Cities 2022 ranking, in which it occupies the first position in the country thanks to the combination of several indicators, the capital of Paraná stood out as the most entrepreneurial city in Brazil, as well as being the second most advanced in information technologies and communication (ICT), third in urban planning, eighth in environment and ninth in governance.

dynamic economy

For the managing director of CCR Aeroportos, Fabio Russo Correa, the new runway will consolidate the vocation of Curitiba airport as a logistics hub: today, for example, the nationalization of goods from China already takes place there. “The airport has adequate infrastructure for this and has the potential to grow much more,” explains the executive.

In addition to the concession for Curitiba airport, CCR Aeroportos was awarded the management of three other airports in the state: Foz do Iguaçu, Londrina and Bacacheri, also in the capital, more focused on executive aviation. “We want to be seen as a partner in the economic development of Paraná and we work every day to move in that direction,” says the CEO.

It’s an effort that has been appreciated. “Our expectations regarding the management of CCR Aeroportos are the best possible,” says Camilo Turmina, president of the Commercial Association of Paraná, an entity with 132 years of history. “It is urgent to work for changes that bring ever more economic dynamism, with solid institutions and a legal environment that generates more and more trust for new investments,” he adds.

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