SRM Ventures wants to inject another BRL 320 million into up to 20 fintechs



The fund injects resources for financing, the main problem for over 90% of early stage startups

THE SRM resource, which specializes in credit investment funds (FIDCs), is still looking for fintech slices with off-curve propositions. After acquiring stakes in five financial startups… Bom Capital, Broadfactor, Believe Bank, TuTu Digital And open box -, in the last 12 months, the manager negotiates with ten others and intends to have 20 to 25 financial startups in its portfolio of investees by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

“Of the 500 million reais earmarked for the purchase of minority positions, we still have around 320 million reais left. André Szapiro, 22, head of SRM Ventureand gave an interview to the Fintechs Brasil portal, content partner of seekers – which, in turn, is a partner of startups🇧🇷

Launched in July – 8 months after the first partnership signed by the group, with Good capital -, the São Paulo branch of the asset proved to be useful: in just 2 months it made four operations possible. The latter two were agreed in October with the open boxwhich offers financing to small and medium-sized enterprises with socio-environmental actions, and the credit platform YouYou Digitalalso aimed at small businesses. In exchange for stakes in its capital, the two fintechs received injections of 20 million reais each and began to rely on the risk analysis and credit management platform of SRM XR, inaugurated in July 2021.

“We only inject resources for funding, which is the main headache for over 90% of early stage startups. If fintech needs money to expand, it will have to go to the pockets of other investors,” says Szapiro, who, as a former fintech holder Badukof microcredit, has known firsthand the problems that digital entrepreneurs have to face.

The house criteria for business prospecting above all value specialization and a certain degree of validation of the business model. THE SRM extension Initiatives shows interest in fintechs that are already on the way and aimed at very different proposals and audiences, such as coffee farmers, cereal producers, precarious workers, lawsuit advancers and even microcredit – a niche which, as Szapiro observes, does not yet have a reference in the fingerprint finance.

“Two segments with great potential are renewable energy, where there are already big fintechs, and agribusiness, which is still very much lacking in financial innovation,” he says. “The dairy chain also attracts our attention, as it does not yet have access to the capital market.”

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