Lula tests Haddad’s acceptance at the Farm in a doubles match with Persio Arida at Planning



Haddad’s stakes rose after he accompanied Lula to Egypt; despite the articulation, he faces resistance from the market and also from Congress, including the MPs of the PT

BRASILIA – The elected president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) test resistances to the name of Fernando Haddad for the command of Ministry of Finance with the possibility that the former mayor of São Paulo joins the economist Persius Arida in the economic team of his third term in the presidency.

The first signal has already been given by Lula. Haddad was chosen by the president-elect to represent him at the annual lunch of the bank’s top management in Febraban, with the presence of the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto. The meeting will be tomorrow in San Paolo. Haddad’s bet grew after he accompanied Lula to Egypt’s COP-17.

Even with voice problems, after surgery to remove a laryngeal injury, the expectation of those around him is a stronger sign than Lula. It would not yet be an official indication, but “gestures” to demonstrate that Haddad has all the political and technical conditions to hold the position. Lula will ask Haddad to hold “talks” with market representatives in the next few days.

Despite the articulation, Haddad faces resistance from the financial market and also from the political environment in Congress, including the PT lawmakers. Barriers that PT supporters believe can be overcome.

With the idea of ​​Persio Arida in the economic team, this path could be paved in the evaluation of defenders of the name of Haddad. One way to reduce resistance with Arida in the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management.

The big question is whether Arida, considered one of the most brilliant economists of his generation and one of the formulators of the Real Plan, would accept being a secondary figure in a portfolio that has always been considered to have less power in the Esplanada, before the formation of the superministry from Economy in Paul Guedeswhich will be shared by Lula.

With the need to reform not only the fiscal framework to replace the spending ceiling, but also budget management, the new Ministry of Planning could gain another level, especially if Lula decides to implement administrative reform, restructuring of the public service.

A hot topic on Arida’s agenda is the modernization of public administration and the institutionalization of the search for results in the public service, starting with the budgetary execution process, whose legislation dates back to the 1960s.

On the other hand, it is in the team from the former Ministry of Planning that the salary negotiations of civil servants take place, a complicated skewer in normal times and much more difficult after years of wage adjustments frozen by Paulo Guedes. The secret budget negotiations, a scheme revealed by Estadão that involves transferring funds to parliamentarians without transfer criteria in exchange for political support, are another headache for those sitting in the Planning chair, the hub of budget management.

The possibility of Arida becoming executive secretary of a ministry led by Haddad, circulated on the financial market this Thursday 24, is considered very difficult (or even almost nil), according to people close to him.

The buzzword to which Lula’s definition of the name for the Ministry of Finance comes close was given by Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA)who this Thursday defended the appointment to facilitate the negotiation of the Transitional Constitution Amendment Proposal (PEC), which is having difficulty negotiating in Congress.

Haddad’s group of allies believes his name would be “canal”. Those who oppose the appointment and are close to Lula recommend transferring the former mayor to a ministry that has a positive agenda. This is not the case in the finance ministry where the minister has to say no most of the time.

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