Black Friday: Know your consumer rights and don’t get into trouble



In the event of an irregularity, the consumer has the right to compensation for material and moral damages

On occasions like sextafeira Negrawith a high volume of purchases, it is important to remember the consumer rights: acquire products and services that do not endanger physical integrity and have access to clear information, which includes characteristics, composition, quality, price and even any risks they present.

In the event of irregularities, the consumer has the right to compensation for material and moral damages, and can sue the associates National Consumer Protection System (SNDC) to make sure you have all your rights guaranteed.


According to the right to information, the customer must be fully aware of the prices charged and the discounts granted before completing the purchase. That is, if the company communicated a price during the purchase, but during the finalization of the transaction, the price changes, it is violating the rights of the consumer.

right to regret

Any purchase of a product or service made outside the commercial establishment, via the Internet or by telephone, can be canceled within 7 days. The amount to be reversed also includes the shipping price.


The consumer needs to have a channel through which he can get in touch with the company for possible problem solving. Posting complaints on your personal social network profile generates greater reputational pressure on companies, but you can’t wait for a complaint to go viral for the company to take action.

Government reporting channels

If the consumer is unable to resolve the issue directly with the business, there are government channels that mediate the issue, such as Procon (state) and (federal).

How long until Black Friday?

Black Friday will officially start this Friday the 25th. Therefore, consumers have until that date to take advantage of the promotions, which are already running by several stores even before the official day, in the “Warm up Black Friday” events. “.

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