The Transition economy group has its 1st meeting with Guedes; “It was great,” Barbosa said



The next meetings should address the legal risks of the 2023 budget

BRASILIA – The economist Nelson Barbasa, one of the coordinators of the economy group of the transitional government, said this Thursday 24, that the first meeting with the Minister of the Economy, Paul Guedesit was fantastic.” According to him, Guedes provided the portfolio team for the transition, made technical observations and conveyed his impression of the Brazilian economy.

“Now we will forward the technical meetings with the treasure🇧🇷 IRS and Attorney General of the National Treasury to assess the legal risks presented in the Budget 2023?, She said.

Barbosa also stated that the Proposal to amend the Constitution (PEC) of the Transitionto take the Family Scholarshipthat of the spending ceiling, and the recomposition of the 2023 Budget were not discussed in the meeting.

“We don’t go into the details of resources and budgets because this issue is being discussed in Congress. First of all, it is necessary to know the definitive size of the 2023 budget. Only after the discussion of the budget in Congress is it possible to talk about the allocation of resources, ”she said.

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