The fuel pricing policy is not from Petrobras, but from the government, says Lula’s team



Senator Jean Paul Prates, from the transitional government’s technical group on mining and energy, says it is necessary to clarify who defines the rules of the game

the senator Jean Paul Prates (PT-RN), who acts in the coordination of the technical group of Mines and Energy of the transitional government, said this Thursday 24, that whoever will define the general price policy of combustible🇧🇷 Petroleum And gas in Brazil it is the federal government, not the Petrobras🇧🇷

The oil company has been heavily criticized by the elected government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the payments and dividends it makes to its directors, as well as following international prices and replicating them in full to the Brazilian consumer, through the so-called “international price parity”.

According to Prates, it is necessary to clarify who defines the rules of the game. “This pricing policy is not from Petrobras, the pricing policy is from the government. Let’s start separating these things well. Petrobras will make its pricing policy, for its customers, for the volume and number of its customers, like any other company sells Who is I will give the price policy, in general, for Brazil, if there will be, in any way, a buffer, a stabilization account, a reference price, etc., absolutely not talking about freezing, no strong act in this intermediate sense, it is the Brazilian government, the government is one thing, Petrobras is another,” said the MP, who is expected to take over the state-owned company.

Jean-Paul Prates;  the senator says it is up to the government to define the general lines of fuel price policy.

Jean Paul reiterated what the transitional government had said, which recommended the general halt of any sale of the oil company’s assets until the new government takes charge and evaluates whether they will also be sold.

“Today we are having the second meeting on oil, gas and fuels. We already have a large part of the diagnosis ready for November 30th. A second one will be on December 11th, with warnings and recommendations. To give an idea of ​​how the situation is going. Ministry of Mines and Energyregulatory agency and other bodies,” Prates said.

A remote meeting between the transition group and the Petrobras board is scheduled for Friday 25th.

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