How to check the 2023 Irpef refund? Watch the step by step



Understand the options for those with federal tax returns

This is the wish of all who make the declaration of Income tax: have a refund after completing the completion of the platform IRS. That is, being entitled to a value that must be returned by the tax.

And, to know if this will happen, the dynamic is very simple and only needs one thing: to declare. It may seem obvious, but in reality, this is the only way to know the exact amount that can be refunded. This is because the declaration program already does the calculations when building the platform.

You can see all this in the lower left corner of the Revenue program, in the same place where the taxpayer can choose the type: simplified or full. If there are taxes to be paid or refunded, this is where this information will appear.

But there are also two other possibilities to check the status of the refund, i.e. when it will actually fall into the declarant’s account. One of them is finished from this linkfrom Revenue. The second – and more complete – is by E-CACalso from Revenue, which is accessed with a account, from the federal government.

Check the 2023 IR Refund Calendar

  • 1st lot: May 31st
  • 2nd lot: June 30th
  • 3rd lot: July 31st
  • 4th lot: August 31st
  • 5th lot: 29 September

Who must declare IR?

The item most “remembered” by taxpayers remains the same: people who received taxable income exceeding R$ 28,559.70 in 2022 will have to submit their accounts to the tax. For example, the salary received by a professional who works under the CLT regime falls into this category.

And it is always important to remember two points: taxable income is only a part of one of the items that require the delivery of the IR, which means that it is important to look at all of them, so that there is no risk of error; and the data to be completed this year refer to the calendar year – or base year – 2022. The other seven items that require reporting to the Revenue Agency need to be checked .

Source: Terra

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