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Check out this and other news from the past week in the corporate world

Luciano Soares will assume the presidency of the insurance company, replacing Luciano Snel, who will be director.

JRC. Coming from EDP, Miguel Setas will be the CEO.

edp. Appoints Ana Paula Marques to chair the board of directors.

Rabobank. Fabiana Alves becomes CEO of Brazil and head of South America.

Safe. Vladimir Freneda was promoted to president.

Biogas ZEG. Kwami Alfama (formerly Tereos) joined as CEO.

hyper ledger. Courtnay Guimarães of Avanade is also vice president of the Brazilian branch of the blockchain consortium.

Cryptomarket. Denise Cinelli is now country manager in Brazil.

neogrid. Aury Ronan Francisco was elected CFO and DRI, replacing Susana Salaru.

lynx. Bruno Primati (ex-Benner) leads the catering division.

Positive technology. For vp of strategy and innovation, he appointed Leandro Rosa dos Santos (ex-Flex).

Nidec global appliance. The new world president is Guilherme Almeida, who started as an intern at Embraco.

trimble. Dalton Swain Conselvan becomes Vice President of Brazil and Executive Director.

golden arches. Sérgio Eleutério assumes marketing direction for McDonald’s in Brazil.

solid. Rafael Kahane (formerly Gympass) is the new CMO.

AgroMRZ. Fabio Pando enters as managing director.

OMG. He hired Douglas Nascimento (formerly Mapfre) as reinsurance superintendent.

Take off. Adriana Gallego joins as director of customer service.

Cloudi. Carolina Libardi, marketing leader in Latin America, covers countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

Not Co. It features Fernando Machado (formerly Activision Blizzard) as the global CMO.

date Rain. José Augusto Saldanha (ex-TCS) is the new Key Account Director for the financial sector.

DM. Maurício Meneghetti becomes commercial director.

Falcons. Announces Renata Theil (ex-Aviva) as CFO.

StartSe. Partner Fabio Neto also responds as CSO.

Next. Cláudio Rosse Pandolfi (ex-Buscapé) takes over the technological area.

Eli Lilly. Luiz André Magno returns as medical director of the Brazilian pharmaceutical company.

Trust me. Simone Vicente has been promoted to CEO of the Diagnostic Imaging Foundation.

Sky.One. Maurício Lubachescki leads alliances and relationships with Cloud partners.

Oliver Wymann. The telecommunications area in Latin America has the strengthening of Cadu Medeiros (ex-Oi) as senior advisor and Miguel Mateus returns as partner.

EAST Capital. Announces Leonardo Capra (ex TMF Group) as partner and director of compliance, risk and PLD.

randstad. Guilherme Filgueiras (formerly Michael Page) is responsible for the recruitment and selection of senior executives.

Evox global. Paulo Guzzo leaves the advisory board to become COO.

Aura. Thais Pianucci (Ex-Arco) leads the Alura Start unit.

zippi. Fintech has brought in Valéria Gomes (ex Nubank) as leader of the data area. Contact: luana.pavani@estadao.com

Source: Terra

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