Politico: EU froze Russian assets worth around 68 billion euros



The European Union has frozen Russian assets worth around 68 billion euros, most of which are in Belgium, writing Politico, citing an internal EU document.

How reports “Radio Liberty” , frozen 50 billion euros. In second place in terms of the amount of frozen assets is Luxembourg – 5.5 billion euros. According to Politico, these countries, along with Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria and France, account for more than 90% of frozen assets. The European Union does not know the exact amount attributable to Russia’s national reserves, but suggests it is around 33.8 billion euros. The document received by the publishers indicates that “the estimate of this amount is in progress and should therefore not be quoted”.

  • After Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and a number of other countries imposed sanctions and froze the assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs. In November, Russia became the leader in terms of the number of sanctions imposed on it by the UK, overtaking Libya and Iran in this indicator. The British government has frozen assets belonging to Russian citizens worth more than £18 billion, or $20.5 billion.

Source: delfi

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