NATO summit: changes in flight schedules are possible at Kaunas airport, changes in train schedules



“Since part of the NATO summit delegations in Vilnius will arrive next week via Kaunas airport, passenger service will in principle not be disrupted – only changes in flight schedules are possible” , said Tadas Vasiliauskas, a representative of the Lithuanian airport operator Lietuvos oro. uostai.

“No serious restrictions are envisaged at Kaunas airport,” Vasiliauskas said in an interview with LRT radio station on Friday.

According to him, commercial flights at the airport will be combined with the arrival of planes from special delegations. About 30 planes will spend the night in Kaunas and Vilnius.

Most of the delegations arriving at the NATO summit will land at Vilnius airport, some of them will be delivered on exclusive planes.

In general, planes from 50 delegations will arrive in Lithuania.

Schedule changes on some train routes

According to NATO LTG Link, changes to some train connections are expected from July 10-13. These days, rail communication between Vilnius airport and the station will resume, trains on this route will run 24-36 times a day, wrote.

It is also reported that trains on the Vilnius-Kaunas route will run more frequently. No changes are planned on the other routes. LTG Link chief Linas Bauzhys said passengers who intend to use train services next week should arrive at the station in advance. “We urge passengers to take into account changes in public transport schedules and to plan their trip in advance in order to arrive at the station at least 20 minutes early,” he said. .

During the days of the NATO summit, part of the streets and neighborhoods of the Lithuanian capital will be closed, the timetable for public transport will change. Residents are asked to arrive at the station in advance and use public transport, which will be free from July 10 to 13. On July 11, two morning and two evening trains will be added to the Vilnius-Kaunas railway line.

On July 12, trains with an increased number of cars will run in the morning, and additional flights will wait in the evening.

Source: delfi

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