Lithuanian Economy Minister: Delegations to NATO summit in Vilnius will spend 4-6 million euros



Lithuanian Economy and Innovation Minister Ausrine Armonaitė says delegations attending the NATO summit in Vilnius will spend 4-6 million euros on various services. According to her, the summit will also be a huge advertisement for the state in the context of national security, which is extremely important for investors and the tourism sector.

“Besides the temporary inconveniences for businesses located in the Old Town, the NATO summit sends a strong message overall. Lithuania is part of the most powerful military alliance in the world, a safe country where it is safe not only to live or vacation, but also to This is a huge advertisement for states in the context of national security, which was extremely important for our investors and the tourism sector after the start of the war ” , Armonaite wrote on his Facebook account.

“In addition, according to our preliminary estimates, the NATO summit will attract about five thousand people to Lithuania. The net tourist receipts alone will amount to 4-6 million euros – this is the number of delegations that will be spending on accommodation, meals, etc. in a few days,” she noted.

On July 11 and 12, Lithuania will host the first NATO summit. It will be the biggest event in the history of Lithuania, with 40-50 foreign delegations (up to 3,000 guests) and about 2,000 representatives of non-governmental organizations and international media. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also mentioned his possible participation in the event.

It is reported that strengthening the Alliance’s collective defense and deterrence, as well as increasing support for Ukraine, will be central to the summit’s agenda.

Source: delfi

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