In a cafe in Palanga, the phone charging service was included in the bill



In Palanga, a vacationer had to pay in a cafe not only for lunch, but also for the possibility of recharging the phone. The restaurant has justified its decision on objective grounds and does not intend to refuse to charge, wrote.

Arvydas (the editors’ real name is known) decided to have lunch at a cafe by the sea. “I sat at a table outside, ordered a ‘lunch of the day’ and asked to charge my phone a bit. The bartender said it was possible, but the service was chargeable. I was surprised, “says the man. He thought that since he was a customer, the service would be provided to him free of charge. “I was told that it doesn’t matter if the customer is or not, you have to pay. I say, okay. To top up the phone, they added 1 euro to the bill. And the bill was brought with sweets It amused me and made me laugh, because I was alone – a grown man, ”explains the interlocutor.

“We introduced charges many years ago. We made this decision because we often charge electric scooters, Iqos, phones, tablets. We have a limited number of sockets, so we decided to charge a nominal fee – 1 euro. Waiters always warn that the service – paid”, – said the representatives of the cafe.

Euros are charged regardless of the type of device loaded and its power. “That’s the first complaint, the rest: those who don’t care – charge, those who don’t want to pay – don’t charge. We don’t see anything wrong here, we will continue to charge,” said the coffee representatives. -rated restaurant.

Arvydas decided not to tip. “On the one hand you can understand that it is a service, on the other hand, as a customer, it seems strange and unpleasant to me. I considered it a tip, I no longer have it left,” the man said.

Source: delfi

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