Launch of a new nuclear reactor in Finland



This week, the third reactor was launched at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Finland, which began generating electricity in test mode, writes the Finnish edition of Helsingin Sanomat.

As reported on the website of the owner of the Teollisuuden Voima nuclear power plant, the trial operation continued with the help of special tests, the main task of which is to demonstrate the full capacity of the plant. The trial control lasted 24 hours.

After that, a test period began, lasting more than a week, during which the reactor tries to produce electricity continuously.

The reactor control performance will then be tested. During testing, the power is temporarily reduced to different levels. During this test period, Olkiluoto’s third reactor will produce electricity at full capacity.

Regular power generation from the new reactor is due to begin on April 17.

The operation of the nuclear reactor in test mode was launched last year, but the start of electricity production has been postponed several times.

It was assumed that normal power generation would begin in March, but in mid-February errors were again discovered in the power plant block and it was decided to extend preventive maintenance.

“Now the maintenance work has been completed, so the launch can continue. Final tests are ahead of the start of regular power generation,” says Marjo Mustonen, TVO’s production manager.

Source: delfi

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