The German labor market has lost popularity among foreigners



Since 2019, Germany has fallen three places in the ranking of attractive countries for foreign specialists, taking 15th place in 2022, the Bertelsmann Foundation said Thursday, March 9, citing a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development .

The study was conducted on the basis of 38 OECD member countries. Each country was ranked in terms of income potential, skills development, family reunification, diversity and overall quality of life. In addition, the complexity of the legalization process in the country was analyzed.

Germany has lost popularity with specialists, but remains attractive for students

New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and Norway have become the most attractive countries for highly qualified specialists, entrepreneurs and startup founders. The conditions for foreign specialists in Germany have remained the same, but other countries have made more efforts to simplify labor migration, the researchers note. For example, in Germany, visa applications are more often rejected and the process itself remains bureaucratically complex and not digitized.

At the same time, Germany remains one of the most attractive countries for international students. In this category, it ranks second behind the United States, ahead of the United Kingdom, Norway and Australia. Studying in Germany is appreciated for its quality, low university tuition fees and good living conditions.

There is a lack of qualified personnel in various fields

According to the Bertelsmann Foundation report on skilled labor migration, in 2020, 55% of respondents reported a shortage of specialists in companies in Germany. In 2022, 72.7% of respondents have already announced a shortage of specialists. It is particularly acute in sectors such as the automotive industry, construction, trade, insurance and banking services.

Previously, the German government had announced its intention to take concrete measures to facilitate the employment of foreign qualified personnel.

Source: delfi

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